Monday, October 19, 2009

Alaska and Hawaii are fully functional

We received a lot of great feedback in the last 3 weeks and we've taken all the comments under consideration. In actuality, we're going to make all of the suggested changes.

The largest of the changes actually combined 2 large requirements:
  • Get Alaska and Hawaii functional (and on the home page map).
  • Make a 1-click path from the home page to regional information under the states.

Alaska and Hawaii

Our original intention was to launch with the lower 48 states only and then phase Alaska and Hawaii into the mix as soon as possible. Well, our testers (and Alaskan guides) let us know that this idea was unacceptable.

I tabled all other changes to the directory and launched Alaska and Hawaii this weekend.

State Pages

We were fielding some complaints regarding the navigation through the state pages. Visitors were seeing the "Click on a region" twice in their navigation through the site.

We re-wrote the entire state page process so that visitors should only see the region selection once in their process. Furthermore, we added the table for the number of guides per region to the top-level state page. This should save people from going to empty region pages.

More bugs & suggestions?

Please email us with any bugs and/or functionality suggestions you may have at

Happy hunting!

Ken Kralick



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