Monday, October 19, 2009

Alaska and Hawaii are fully functional

We received a lot of great feedback in the last 3 weeks and we've taken all the comments under consideration. In actuality, we're going to make all of the suggested changes.

The largest of the changes actually combined 2 large requirements:
  • Get Alaska and Hawaii functional (and on the home page map).
  • Make a 1-click path from the home page to regional information under the states.

Alaska and Hawaii

Our original intention was to launch with the lower 48 states only and then phase Alaska and Hawaii into the mix as soon as possible. Well, our testers (and Alaskan guides) let us know that this idea was unacceptable.

I tabled all other changes to the directory and launched Alaska and Hawaii this weekend.

State Pages

We were fielding some complaints regarding the navigation through the state pages. Visitors were seeing the "Click on a region" twice in their navigation through the site.

We re-wrote the entire state page process so that visitors should only see the region selection once in their process. Furthermore, we added the table for the number of guides per region to the top-level state page. This should save people from going to empty region pages.

More bugs & suggestions?

Please email us with any bugs and/or functionality suggestions you may have at

Happy hunting!

Ken Kralick


Saturday, September 26, 2009

The work never stops at!

A huge thank-you to all the people who have emailed us with bugs and functionality suggestions!

Craig Davis has been hard at work the last few days adding new members. He added 15 members in the last 2 days and provided each of them with their logins. Email Craig at to add your guide business to the directory. He will also extend invitations on your behalf if you know of a guide or vendor who should be listed on our site.

Ken Kralick has been busy fixing the bugs and upgrading functionality of the directory. In the past few evenings Ken has completed the following items:

Thanks again for all of your input and a special kudos to the members of the Fly Fishing group on LinkedIn!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009 is in Full Test!

We are online and testing at full-speed ahead! At the moment we have our initial 40 members in the directory and we are building that number daily. The start-up members are updating their listings and testing the administrative area of the site.

Ken is busy fixing bugs and Craig is training new members to use the directory.

Remember - this website is completely controlled by the hunting and fishing guide members. They update their information, not us. It's our job to make a good tool which suits their needs.

Happy Hunting!



We're 2 guys: Craig Davis and Ken Kralick. Craig was a fly-fishing guide for 15 years and is an avid Waterfowl & Upland bird hunter. Ken is an avid hunter of many species but he's a terrible fly-fisherman. We're seasoned pros in the Internet realm - we have both been at it professionally for over a decade.

Together we started an Internet company to service the guide and outfitter community. We're both tired of our guide friends getting robbed by shady website people. We also got tired of seeing supposed-guide directories that are full of ads to sell garbage when all visitors want to do is find a reputable guide. We decided to flex our Internet Marketing muscle and give guides and outfitters a resource that works for them.

We feel that this is the way to help folks make a living showing people a great day in the outdoors. These guides want their clients to have the opportunity to chase the trophy that we all dream about.

If you would like to join our directory, please email Craig at He will gladly set up a page for you and send you the information to log in and add your information.